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Merit Badge Books

To view the Merit Badge Books we currently have in our Library, click the link below. To check out a merit badge book, contact the Librarian (listed on the Positions of Responsibility page).

Merit Badge Help

Disclaimer: The list below is provided to help you find information on the Internet that relates to Scouting. The Golden Empire Council and Troop 465 do not endorse these sites and take no responsibility regarding their content. Always refer to official Council resources and policy for official requirements.

Blue Cards

We have a new procedure for Blue Cards:

  1. Scout determines what Merit Badge they would like to work.
  2. At a troop meeting, scout requests a blue card from Mr. Sutter.
  3. Mr. Sutter logs the request, gives the scout the blue card and the name of the Merit Badge counselor.
  4. Scout fills out his name, Merit Badge name and date on the blue card.
  5. Scout obtains the Merit Badge book that contains the requirements for the Badge.
    a. We have a library of Merit Badge books at troop meetings the scout can check out.
    b. Parent can buy a copy of the Merit Badge book at Scout Store or online.
  6. Scout reads Merit Badge book.
  7. Scout contacts Merit Badge counselor and sets up a meeting to discuss Merit Badge.
  8. Scout and Merit Badge Counselor meet and put together a plan for working the Merit Badge.
  9. Scout works the requirements of the Merit Badge.
  10. Scout and Merit Badge Counselor meet as appropriate and at the scout’s request while working the Merit Badge.
  11. Upon completion of the Merit Badge, Counselor signs off and keeps their part of the blue card.
  12. Scout gives completed blue card to Mr. Sutter.
  13. Mr. Sutter checks the Merit Badge for completeness, obtains the Scoutmaster’s signature and gives the blue card back to the scout.
  14. Scout keeps his part of the blue card.
  15. Scout submits the remaining part to the Advancement Chair for recognition.

Important Note: Keep all of your blue cards in a safe place. They are the official record that you completed the Merit Badge. You can use plastic baseball card holders and put all of your blue cards in them. Look at the binder at the next Eagle Court of Honor for an example.

When you go for your Eagle Board of Review, the dates on the blue cards are compared to what is in the computer. The dates are also compared against rank advancements and if there is a discrepancy, you will be asked to fix it before proceeding.

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