Troop 465 Forms


*Please see these forms for policy regarding reimbursement for food purchased by the Grub Master for troop outings. Please be sure to indicate on the Outing Report whether you prefer reimbursement by check or credit to your Scout Account. All other requests for reimbursement for troop-related gas and/or food expenditures must be accompanied by an attached receipt and submitted to the Troop Treasurer.

Outing Permission Forms

The Outing Permission Form (which includes medical consent) is a generic permission form that is required for all Troop and Patrol Outings, and is required for all participants: youth and adult. Permission forms are due by the day of the event, prior to departure.


For Scouts - Outings

For Tour Leaders

Troop 465 Parent's Handbook

Medical Forms


General Permission Forms

There is also a General Permission Form (which include medical consent). These are updated each year and kept on file for use at our general meetings.

The vehicle and driver information records allow us to collect this information once and use it on all our outings. The information is updated annually. Please submit completed Vehicle/Driver Information Sheets to Doug Patterson or Anthony Scotch.

Other Useful Forms and Information

For additional forms, please see the BSA National Council website and the Golden Empire Council's online Form Library.