Frequently Asked Questions

When and where does Troop 465 meet?

Troop 465's regular troop meeting is held the 1st Sunday of the month from 7:00pm to 8:00pm. Our meetings are held at St. Stephen's Lutheran Church in El Dorado Hills.

The monthly Troop Committee Meeting (TCM) and Patrol Leaders Council (PLC) are both held on the 1st Sunday just before the troop meeting. The meetings start at 6:00pm and typically end before the troop meeting begins. These meetings are also held at St. Stephen's Lutheran Church.

The Troop’s Online Calendar contains meeting information as well as camp out dates, activities, and fundraisers.

How much does it cost to join Troop 465?

The fee for joining Troop 465 consists of membership in the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) as well as Troop 465 and includes a yearly subscription to Boy's Life magazine. The breakdown of registration fees are as follows (subject to change annually):

  • BSA Yearly Registration: $24
  • Boy's Life Magazine Subscription: $12
  • Troop Yearly dues: $34
  • Total Scout: $70 / year

All adult leaders must be current with their Youth Protection Training (YPT). YPT training needs to be renewed every 2 years. Fees for registered adult leaders are covered by the Troop.

Are there other costs?

There are costs associated with camping trips and other troop activities. Camping trips typically occur once per month. The Troop collects an outing fee in advance, facilitated through the online outing registration and generally using scout account debit, from each scout to offset any campground site costs, reservation fees, travel costs and food expense. The outing fee is non-refundable in order to gain the scouts commitment for participation, and so the Troop can arrange adequate transportation for the activity. Some activities may have additional costs. The average cost for food is budgeted at $3 for breakfast, $3 for lunch and $4 for dinner per scout per day. Each patrol plans their own menus for the weekend and appoints a grub master to do the necessary shopping for food and supplies. Food expense will be reimbursed to the grub master up to the budgeted amount. Other costs associated with joining Troop 465 are the cost of a Scout’s uniform. Expect to pay around $125 for a Class A uniform.

What about camping equipment?

There is no need to rush out and fully equip your scout. Starting with a minimum of gear allows him time to determine the extent of his commitment to scouting and to learn for himself from his patrol what equipment is most suitable for lightweight, low-impact camping. Please seek the advice of the Scoutmaster (SM) or one of the Assistant Scoutmasters (ASMs) about major purchases. Each Patrol must have a volunteer ASM to provide the proper adult supervision. In addition, the Hiking and Camping sections of the Scout Handbook contain guidance on clothing and equipment for a weekend camp. Troop 465 does not allow glass containers, non-folding (sheath) knives, candles, butane lighters, iPhones (any smart phone devices), iPods, or electronic games at Troop events.

Are there any fundraisers to help defray the costs?

Yes, Troop 465 participates in at least two fundraisers each year — Christmas Tree Recycling in January and hosting a BSA booth at the EDH Fireworks celebration where we sell bottled water and glow sticks. Both of these fundraisers are done in conjunction with El Dorado Hills CSD and the El Dorado Hills Rotary Club (our Charter organization). Between these two events, scouts usually are able to cover the majority of their individual summer camp fees. We are always looking for additional opportunities for Scouts to earn money for their individual Scout accounts. The money in the Scout accounts can be used for any Scout related activity.

What paperwork is required to join?

A Youth Application is all that is required to join Troop 465. Note: the form is multi-part so if you use the online version you will be filling out multiple pages with the same information. You may be able to also fill out one part and make copies but you will need to check the pages as some parts don’t copy through (e.g., the social security number on the adult form only appears on the Council copy). Once you fill out the BSA application, you can turn it into our Committee Chairman (CC) along with a check or cash for the BSA registration. You would pay the Troop dues to the Troop Treasurer.

Adult applicants must complete the Youth Protection Training course, available online, and include a copy of the completion certificate with their Adult Application.

What does the Scout need to purchase to get started?

Just as a sports uniform identifies a boy with a team, the Scout uniform identifies a boy with the largest voluntary youth movement in the world. The Scout uniform tends to diminish the importance of a person's financial, social, and ethnic background, while clearly showing each individual's scouting accomplishments. Since we try to keep the dues low, you will find that you will need to provide most of your uniform needs.

Class A Uniform: Troop 465 requires members to wear a full and correct uniform consisting of the following official BSA components:

  • Scout shirt (short sleeves preferred)
  • Scout trousers or Scout shorts
  • Scout belt and buckle
  • Scout socks
  • Scout Handbook
  • Merit badge sash (on formal occasions)
  • Troop 465 neckerchief and slide (provided by Troop 465)
  • Troop hat (the hat is part of the uniform)

The shirt needs the following insignia:

  • Green Shoulder Loops
  • Badge of Rank (provided by Troop 465)
  • Arrow of Light (if earned) below left pocket
  • Golden Empire Council shoulder patch
  • Khaki and green "465" on left sleeve (the 465 patch is available as single numbers from the scout shop or as an all in one patch from the troop store)
  • Patrol Emblem (provided by Troop 465)
  • Current year Quality Unit Patch (if applicable and provided by Troop 465) on right sleeve.
  • World Scout Crest (above left pocket about 3 inches below shoulder seam)

The Uniform Inspection Guide goes over the appropriate Boy Scout attire and placement of all patches. The Scout Handbook also has full-sized sewing templates on the inside front and back covers to indicate proper placement of most of the patches.

Sources for Scout supplies are the River City Scout Shop and the BSA online catalog (link to ).

A full new uniform costs about $125. The Troop and the District also have some used items available. Ask a leader for assistance with obtaining used uniforms. Please help our future Scouts by donating your son's outgrown uniform parts to the Troop.

Class B or Field Uniform: At various activities, Scouts may be directed to wear the Class B uniform which consists of the Troop 465 T-shirt (available from the troop), Troop 465 sweatshirt, Scout shorts/pants, belt, cap, and Scout socks. These are generally specified when scouts are going to get dirty on campouts, outings, or while performing service.

Scouts typically wear full Class A uniform at all meetings, when traveling to and from campouts, in all formal ceremonies, to most day outings, and to any activities where we will be in the public eye.

Other items a Scout must provide:

  • Camping gear, less tent, stove and cooking gear. Typical items would include a sleeping bag, sleeping pad, backpack, mess kit, flashlight, compass, water bottle... You can refer to the Summer Camp Checklist for details on typical items a Scout would take on a camping trip.

What is the Level of Involvement to be in Boy Scouts?

When you join the Boy Scouts of America you should be ready to make a sizeable time commitment. The time and effort one puts into a great youth program like the Boy Scouts of America is paid back exponentially in future benefits. It’s not drudgery but a lot of fun, so the time involved does not seem like a chore. We hope that a Scout is active in most Troop activities but understand sometimes other obligations will impact participation and are unavoidable. To understand the time commitment the following lists a typical month in the life of a Boy Scout and his family:

  • Two monthly Troop meetings
  • One monthly Patrol meeting
  • A weekend camp out (typically Saturday morning to Sunday mid-day)
  • A service project (about twice a year)
  • Troop or Scout Fundraiser (two to three times per year)
  • Monthly Troop Committee meeting, which is the 4th Monday of each month.
  • Tour Leader on a weekend camp out (typically Saturday morning to Sunday mid-day).
  • Driver for a weekend camp out or other Troop activity.

For an actual list of activities, please check out our Troop Calendar

Summer Camp Information

Troop 465 typically attends a Boy Scout resident camp in the summer, traditionally the second week of July each year. We like to alternate between Camp Winton and Camp Chawanakee. The Scouts may choose other camp locations as decided upon by the Patrol Leader Council (PLC). Each camp has unique characteristics of each own that all scouts enjoy.

Where can I find out more information?

The Troop hosts a website where you can go for more information on scouting. Additionally, the Troop Handbook contains all the information you need to know about Troop 465.

  • Troop Calendar: Contains an account of past and upcoming Troop activities
  • Forms Tab: Contains links to forms, the Parent Handbook and other Troop activity and advancement resources
  • Resources Tab: Contains links to various Scouting and related web sites
  • Eagle Honor Roll: Contains information on Troop 465 Eagle Scouts and the service projects they have completed. Also contains links to Eagle Scout related sites
  • Troop member-only Tab: A password-protected area of the site that provides contact and related information. This area is available only to Troop members (parents).

You also can contact a Troop Scout Leader by using the Contact Us form.