Troop 465 Eagle Scouts

Meet Our Eagle Scouts

Eagle Scout may be earned by a Boy Scout who has been a Life Scout for at least six months, has earned a minimum of 21 merit badges, has demonstrated Scout Spirit, and has demonstrated leadership within his troop, team, crew or ship. Additionally he must plan, develop, and lead a service project that demonstrates both leadership and a commitment to duty. After all requirements are met, he must complete an Eagle Scout board of review. He can complete the board of review after his 18th birthday as long as all other requirements are completed before his 18th birthday.

Of the 21 merit badges, 13 are required; these include:

  • Camping
  • Citizenship in the Community
  • Citizenship in the Nation
  • Citizenship in the World
  • Communications
  • Cooking
  • Emergency Preparedness or Lifesaving
  • Environmental Science or Sustainability
  • Family Life
  • First Aid
  • Personal Fitness
  • Personal Management
  • Swimming or Hiking or Cycling

Note: The Blue Card procedure for working merit badges is detailed on our Resources page here.

Valuable Resources for Aspiring Eagle Scouts

EAGLE EARNED 6/27/2018

Alex M

For my Eagle Project I built and painted 12 cat shelves for Fat Kitty City, a cat sanctuary in El Dorado Hills. I built six shelves for each cat room.  Six shelves were painted red, white and blue and were mounted in the Eagle Scout Room, a room built by a scout in our troop. The other six shelves were painted pastel blue, pink and green and mounted in Ellie's cottage. The shelves are mounted to the walls and the cats can sleep, eat and lounge in them.


EAGLE EARNED 2/15/2017

Chuck S

My Eagle Scout project was an outdoor bulletin board on the east side of the Parish Hall of St. Stephen's Lutheran Church in El Dorado Hills, along with the removal of the old free standing outdoor bulletin board in front of Sanctuary, that had termite damage. They were afraid it would fall down in the wind and injure someone. To fund the project I organized a pancake breakfast on a Sunday morning for the community and church members. The money raised was put towards purchasing the bulletin board and supplies. I would like to thank everyone for their hard work and donations to make this project possible.


EAGLE EARNED 10/26/2016

Alex T

For my project I decided to add two benches to Murray Homestead Community Park in El Dorado Hills, something that would benefit everyone in the community of all ages. Underneath the huge shade trees, they are a  nice place to sit back and relax. For years, people have been limited in their choices of spots to sit at the park, mainly to just the concrete mow strip, so these benches were a necessity for anyone who loves parks.


Ethan B


Ethan B

For my Eagle Scout project, I restored the signs at the main entrance to Cameron Park Airpark at Oxford Road and Fairway Drive. The signs were over 40 years old and could no longer be read. As I drive by the intersection almost daily and my parents flew an airplane out of this airport for years, I wanted to help improve the community entrance. My project served as a much needed beautification for the residents of the private airport.


Cary P


Cary P

I started my project in October 2014. I wanted my Eagle project to benefit an area that I have a passion for as well as to address a need that would provide value to others. I have a love for music and wanted to center my project around it. I have been playing trumpet since 4th grade and have a lot of time invested in the band program at Oak Ridge and thought it would be only fitting to do a project that would benefit the program. So for my Eagle project I created a common area outside the Oak Ridge High School Performing Arts building. The project consisted of a seating area for the students (and parents) to sit, and a sign for the Performing Arts building, which I designed myself.


EAGLE EARNED 7/22/2015


My project was a book drive to benefit the El Dorado Hills Library. I am an avid reader and had found that the local library didn’t have as good of a selection as others have. I also wanted my Eagle Scout project to be something that I am very passionate about. I had originally hoped to get the library between 500–1,000 books that it could use. My final donation to them was 2,188 books. The library was also able to sell some of the books (duplicates, older books, etc.) that I collected at their bimonthly sale. This enabled them to buy additional books. That was especially useful since the library’s funding was cut from $25,000 to $10,000.


EAGLE EARNED 7/15/2015

Seth R

EAGLE EARNED 7/30/2014

Dominick M

For my project, I built an 8'x 8' structure that will allow cats to rest, climb and play in at Fat Kitty City Cat Sanctuary in El Dorado Hills.


EAGLE EARNED 9/11/2013

Brycen G

For my Eagle Scout project, I built a 10 x 12 utility building for Fat Kitty City. Fat Kitty City is the only cat sanctuary in Northern California. The utility building was built for storage of cat food and kitty litter so that it will stay dry and so that volunteers will not have to walk so far to get it. The reason I did my project for Fat Kitty City is because I love cats. The building cost was over $3000. Thankfully, nearly $1500 in materials was donated. I raised over $1700 by selling bottles of water in front of PetCo and Pet Smart.


EAGLE EARNED 9/10/2013

Nathan K

Lakehills Church pathway improvements and landscaping.

EAGLE EARNED 7/10/2013

Tucker Z

Foothills United Methodist Church firepit and landscaping.

EAGLE EARNED 4/23/2013

Gregory S

My project was an outdoor bulletin board for the Placerville EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) Chapter 512, located just outside of the EAA hangar at the Placerville Airport. This is not just a bulletin board; this project took to flight and is inspired by the theme of aviation. Over 400 hours went into the building and design of this project. The roof is a mockup of an actual wing, with a plexi-glass window to see inside. The bulletin board is being used to provide information to pilots both visiting and local about upcoming events and regulations. The EAA supports the community with multiple programs like the Young Eagles, Eagles, and basic ground school training at no charge.


EAGLE EARNED 5/21/2012

Grant S

Oak Ridge letter installation and landscaping.

EAGLE EARNED 9/20/2011

Dominic S

My project was to finish and line a drainage ditch with rock at the Oak Ridge High School football stadium. We also planted four trees, pulled weeds, painted curbs in the parking lot and spread 20 yards of bark. I had help from two Troops, many adults, my brothers and our charter organization the Rotary Club of El Dorado Hills.